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   Bulgaria Transport Ltd was established in 2014 in order to be Your Ground Transportation Service Provider, saving Your Personal Time in the dynamic daily life

Our Personal Driver Assistance Service has as a main priority always to respond to Our Consumer's demand by providing a vast choice of Services that meet their requirements

  Many of the "administrative" activities related to Your own car will certainly cost You much time and effort, wherefore Our Personal Driver Assistance Service is set to optimize Your commitments, in order to be carried out most efficiently

 Our Company is The Choice of a vast number of customers as a long-term Partner in the field of comfort & security when driving, with a time-saving contribution

 Our team believes that The Customers shall be free in their choice, wherefore we are flexible to offer a vast variety of Personally Tailored Services and Complex Solutions giving the opportunity to Our Clients to receive More and nevertheless to Save

In the course of time we created a working process ensuring Our High Quality Standards and successful completion of each of our commitments. We often have to be flexible, to add and change our steps according to the wishes and the specificity of our customers, in order to satisfy their requirements, but the results are always high and our customers are content


Bulgaria Transport Ltd has a Highly Qualified Staff and Individual Approach to Each Customer!

 We Guarantee High Quality of Our Services together with Competitive Prices!


Our drivers, with good manners and presentable appearance are always eager to give You comfort and safe movements... when You and Your family are driven to Your Destinations...

Bulgaria Transport is The Company, that gives to The Customers the most Optimal Solutions

We strive to be always at the First Place, to be informed about everything important for Our Clients, helping them to make the Right Choice





Our Personal Driver Assistance Service creates a space for the things that are really important!

Enjoy Also Our

Konstantin Gyurov


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